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  Environmental Desktop Report

An Environmental Desktop Report, Environmental Records Search & Risk Assessment (RSRA) is a low cost alternative to Phase 1 Environmental Assessment. Sometimes called Preliminary Phase 1 Assessment, Environmental Records Search & Risk Assessment is sometimes the only environmental assessment required for low cost, low risk property types.

The Desktop Review includes obtaining and reviewing available State and Federal environmental databases, for the subject property and nearby surrounding areas. The report includes information on sites of known contamination and/or environmental activities which have been reported to State and Federal agencies. The Desktop Review also includes a Review of Historical Documents, such as Aerial Photographs, Historical Topographic Maps, Fire Insurance Maps, and City Directories it applies to properties with an unknown history, and presumably moderate to low environmental risk. Consequently, this assessment has no regulatory standard and is usually requested for properties without obvious contamination sources. Environmental desktop report economically evaluates the potential for contamination, with consideration of adjacent properties.

A few examples of where an environmental desktop review can save time and money during a diligence effort are:
• Evaluating a service-based or asset-light business where properties and facilities are involved in the transaction
• Supplementing or updating the information found in historical Phase I reports
• Documenting the environmental risk and exposure of a company in preparation for divestiture (ensuring any deficiencies are addressed before a buyer completes their diligence)
• Determining the probable risk across a large portfolio of sites and preparing a detailed timetable for additional due diligence across accelerated schedules.
If the environmental desktop evaluation identifies potential risks and exposures, this information can be quantified and used to make fast and accurate business decisions during acquisitions and divestitures.

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