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3 Roofing Red Flags for Commercial Properties

1. Phenolic foam insulation phenolic foam roof insulation was manufactured in the US in reaction to a need for greater energy efficiency after oil spikes in the 1970s and 1980s.the insulation material can become very acidic in the presence of water, and is also very friable. The introduction of moisture through leaks or condensation creates an acidic environment, which corrodes the metal decking. The friability of the material greatly increases the surface area exposed to the water, accelerating the issue

2. Pools on rooftops If not constructed and maintained properly, this can also be one of the most common sources of devastating leaks and water infiltration into the rest of the structure.

3. Ponding The physical weight of the water can cause issues – an area of water 20′ by 20’ and only 1” deep weighs 2,000 pounds!

Expanded across a flat roof without proper drainage, this ponding can potentially result is structural failure. Additionally, the water accelerates the aging process through chemical leeching and increased UV radiation exposure.

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