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5 Ways to Reduce Business Energy Use

In addition to scheduling an energy audit, you can proactively make your business more energy efficient on your own. These five tips can help you achieve your efficiency goals and save money.
  1. Caulk and seal window and exterior doors: This prevents rooms in your building from getting too hot or too cold and in turn limits heater and AC use.

  2. Use natural light: Beyond using energy-efficient light bulbs to brighten rooms, you can use natural sunlight to your advantage. Install large windows and choose an open floor plan so everyone can enjoy natural sunlight. Many businesses install skylights to bring more natural light and heat into the office.

  1. Stagger work hours and times: If possible, stagger work times so everyone is not using energy and equipment during peak energy hours.

  2. Program your thermostats: Program your thermostats to be turned off after work hours. Schedule a thermal inspection to check for unseen energy issues in the building.

  3. Establish energy-saving best practices for your office: Establish best practices with office employees. Put up friendly signs to remind them to turn off the lights and shut down their computers at the end of the day. Encourage everyone to follow these practices and be conscientious about saving energy.


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