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Common Electrical Code Violation in Your Commercial Building

Cluttered Electrical Panels

A disorganized electrical panel can aggravate an electrical emergency in a commercial building. Unlabeled and cluttered wiring to the fuses can confuse you, and you’ll find it difficult to cut off the electrical supply of the right space in your building.

Overcrowded Electrical Wires

Overcrowded electrical wires might be the cause behind the cracking sound coming from your electrical outlet.

Faulty Wiring

Uninsulated, damaged, short, or old wires can quickly become a recipe for disaster and start a fire. You can detect faulty wiring by a burning smell, frequent light flickering, blown fuses, or even charred switches.

Ungrounded knob and tube wiring

You won’t find this type of wiring in a commercial building constructed after the 1940s, and for a good reason. The knob and tube wiring don’t come with a ground wire and have a higher risk of starting a fire. If your workspace is based in one of such old buildings, you need to call in a licensed Inspector and let them have a look around. They’ll inspect the place thoroughly to check if you’ve any knob and tube wiring in the building. An electrical wiring installation company can replace this outdated wiring with a more sophisticated wiring system.


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