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Curb appeal, and WHY it is important to YOUR business.

What is curb appeal?

It is the view of potential customers as they approach your establishment. It is impossible to change a person’s first impression, so if a customer is impressed on their initial visit, it’s never going to change their point of view.

The benefits of curb appeal

Increasing the visibility of your business or commercial real estate and improving potential customer satisfaction.

By increasing the visibility of a commercial property, you increase the number of customer visits, positive reviews, and sales numbers. If your aim is to sell or lease a commercial space.

Making improvements to your commercial property can seem daunting and expensive, but it’s important to remember the long-term benefits of maintaining the property. These things can be as simple as power washing and cleaning windows, or more extensive upgrades to signage, parking lots, and landscaping. The property will bring in customers, sell for more, and retain its value if it is well-maintained through the years.


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