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Facility Condition Assessments and Solutions

Facilities Condition Assessment and Solutions team provides the data you need to optimize your real estate. We begin with an understanding of your business objectives, then tailor our approach to help you reach them. Our Facility Condition Assessments (FCAs) support capital planning, regulatory compliance, corporate standards, lease negotiations, funding, and more. By providing in-depth facility condition assessments as well as continued support with analysis and implementation, the architects, engineers, and specialists on our Facilities Condition Assessment and Solutions team give you the tools to move the needle from reactive maintenance spends to proactive facilities management.

The goal of the FCA is to identify:

  • Routine and/or deferred maintenance

  • Systemic deficiencies

  • Remaining useful life (RUL) of all major building systems

  • Capital replacement needs


  • Overall system compliance with the original design/engineering intent

  • Compatibility with contiguous systems

  • Prioritized list of repairs

  • Total building replacement cost

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