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You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Protect your investment” thrown around a lot if you have done any amount of research on property inspectors, or even home inspectors. The fact remains that when you hire a certified inspector to assess the condition of your property, you are doing exactly that. We will partner with you to give you an accurate property condition report to help ensure the safety of all who will live or conduct business there, if you should decide to make the investment. Here’s why a commercial building inspection is one of the most crucial ways that you can protect your business investment.

DETERMINE IF THE RISK IS WORTH TAKING We understand that when you are responsible for the safety of others, that is not something anyone should ever take lightly. Commercial inspectors and their team of specialty consultants are a third party to the real estate transaction, having no financial or material interest in the real estate deal. Their objective is to provide you with an accurate overview of the condition of the property as a whole. As the potential buyer of the commercial property, you must determine whether there are insurmountable issues that could pose a future safety threat or financial risk.

DEFICIENCIES IDENTIFIED IN THE INSPECTION REPORT Commercial properties are costly to maintain and repair, and the owner’s liability extends to employees, customers, and other building occupants. The commercial property inspection can help you reduce your risk, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in the long run. It may also aid you in determining whether the property is not a sound investment. The commercial inspector and their subsequent report may identify deficiencies related to:

  • poor installation and workmanship

  • inadequate design for the intended use

  • deferred maintenance

  • environmental damage or risks

  • systems near the end of their service life


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