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How to prepare, for your Commercial Property Inspection!

A commercial real estate inspection can be complicated, but it is necessary for all commercial properties. Below are some tips to help you prepare for your inspection:

Make sure that the inspector has access to any areas of the building they need to inspect.

Allow the property inspector and buyer the necessary time for inspection.

It can take anywhere between one to four hours for the complete inspection of your property, depending upon its size. Allow the property inspector and potential buyer the necessary time for inspection.

De-clutter the property before inspection.

It’s important to de-clutter your property before an inspection. Make sure that that the inspectors have easy access to attics, basements and electrical panels. Make sure all systems are turned on to ensure a seamless inspection.

Don’t ignore the minor issues.

While most of the time minor issues can easily be addressed, do not ignore them before your inspection. Minor issues can include HVAC units, garage doors, doors, lights, walls with cracked or flaked paint, minor exterior maintenance, outdated appliances and worn subtleties.

Make a checklist of different property features and their condition.

It is always helpful to make a checklist of the various features of your property that might be of interest to the inspector. Some of these features include grounds, structure, roof, exterior, windows, doors, the kitchen, bathrooms, plumbing and electrical.

Clean the property before inspection.

Cleaning your property before an inspection is a must. The inspectors will be looking beyond the superficial sparkle of a clean property, but a clean building is easier to sell at a more favorable price than a dirty one.


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