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Multi-unit Inspection

A multi-unit residential property inspection is performed for a range of clientele, including mortgage lenders, investors, condominium associations, and property managers, and for a variety of different real estate transactions, or as part of a standard maintenance and repair strategy.

A multi-dwelling property is also known as a multi-family residential property or multi-unit housing. An inspection for this type of residential property is performed for apartment buildings, condominiums, and townhome developments. Although the interior of each individual unit is similar to a standalone residential property and typically inspected by a home inspector, a multi-dwelling property is designed and built with commercial applications and entail systems and features that require the core competency of a commercial inspector.

Unlike most commercial properties, a multi-dwelling property experiences continual usage as long as the unit is occupied or during the operating hours of a communal space, resulting in wear and tear by occupants and visitors to varying degrees. Some occupants or renters may maintain their unit responsibly; others may not, even if they’re contractually required to.

A commercial inspection may also be mandated by the mortgage lender, oversight association, or authority having jurisdiction based on the property’s zoning and purpose.


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