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The 7 Benefits of a Commercial Building Energy Audit

A commercial building energy audit is a multi-faceted procedure that starts with an analysis of your utility bill to search for inefficiencies. It also includes an on-site survey of your commercial property, gathering information on various energy-using systems within the building.

No matter the option you choose, your organization can benefit from an energy audit. Here’s a look at seven reasons why.

Reduce expenses.
First and foremost, your commercial building energy audit has the potential to reduce your operating expenses each and every month.

Increase property value.
It’s worth noting that the steps you take following your energy audit could increase your property value.

Maximize equipment lifespan.
The heating and cooling systems you have in your building will last longer if you can identify any malfunctions and address them quickly.

Justify upgrading your equipment.
If you aren’t the sole decision-maker regarding what happens to your commercial building, an energy audit is a valuable tool that shows other stakeholders why the property could benefit from upgrades.

Lower carbon footprint
Reducing your company’s carbon footprint is one of the best reasons to go ahead with a commercial building energy audit.

Better compliance with federal regulations
Meeting federal regulations on GHG emissions, carbon reduction commitments, efficiency standards, and use of renewable energy is challenging, but an energy audit can help point out where you’re falling short.

Happier customers and employees
Some benefits of going ahead with an energy audit aren’t quantifiable, such as how your employees, clients, and customers will feel about your organization when you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.
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