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If owning a commercial property is a new venture for you, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the inspection process. Getting a detailed evaluation of the building and its systems is an important step in the buying and selling process. Our Inspections conducts comprehensive commercial building assessments that will provide you with all the information you need, because an informed buyer or seller makes better decisions. We’re going to walk you through the typical components that we check during a commercial property inspection to help you understand what to expect.


During the walk-through survey, the inspector conducts a thorough on-site visual examination of the property’s physical condition. The assessment is focused on the building’s critical systems and components ranging from heating and ventilation systems (HVAC) to mechanical and electrical systems, to roof surface and drainage, and over a dozen other components. The inspector may also utilize a team of specialty consultants to provide expertise in relevant areas, like a plumber, electrician, HVAC contractor, or other experts necessary to your inspection.


The commercial inspector will request documents and records related to the property in order to review them. Some of the relevant documents may include lease agreements, certificates of occupancy, building and fire code violations, service contracts, repair invoices, and maintenance records. The inspector will also want to interview the individual who possesses the most knowledge about the condition of the building. This is a way that many potential deficiencies in a building c an be identified, which will enhance the information gained from the walk-through survey and provide supporting documentation for the inspection report.


The end result of a commercial property inspection is the written report. The report will contain precise details from the walk-through survey, documents procured, the results of interviews conducted, and any other third-party reports ordered as part of the commercial property inspection. This detailed report of the inspector’s findings will provide you with an inventory of the building’s major systems and components, along with an evaluation of their functional and physical condition. The findings from the inspection will highlight the property’s strengths and potential deficiencies, as well as deferred maintenance issues.

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