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What is a Facility condition assessment

What is a Facility condition assessment Facility condition assessment is an analysis of the condition of a facility in terms of age, design, construction methods, and materials.[1][2] The individuals who perform the assessment are typically architects and engineers, and skilled-trade technicians. Engineering and architectural professional opinions as to the conditions observed are part of the assessment. Building diagnostics go beyond facility condition assessments to determine solutions to the problems found and predict outcomes of the solutions. This analysis can be done by walk-through inspection, mathematical modeling (see Mathematical Model), or a combination. The most accurate way of determining the condition requires walk-through to collect data. This analysis can be performed on government/public, commercial, and private facilities. The term facility condition assessment describes work accomplished for federal, state, and local government agencies or entities, as well as private facilities. The end product was usually an extensive narrative, supplemented with drawings and photographs, as to what conditions were observed, with a summary budget for correction of all deficiencies. #homeinspection #homeinspectionservices #homeinspector #losangeles #realestate #HomeBuyers #sandiego #venturacounty #orangecounty #riversidecounty #sandiego #sanfrancisco #PhaseIESA #denver #phoenix #commercialrealestate #FCA

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