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Selling Your Home: 5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Inspection Success

1. Clear Access Ensure access to critical areas of your house are clear. Think about your electrical box, furnace, hot water heater, and air conditioning units, attic door, and any other possible locked spaces. If the inspector cannot gain access, he or she will be unable to include them in the report. 2. Replace Bulbs Examine your attached light fixtures. Make sure all the light bulbs are working. Inspectors only get an overhead view and cannot determine 3. Observe Grading Check to see that the earth slopes away from your home versus toward it to avoid basement water issues. It's a good idea to slope dirt away in flowerbeds and other areas that come in contact with your foundation. 4. Trim Your Trees Or at least take a look at any overhanging vegetation at your property. Trees that are over roofs can prematurely shorten roof life by inviting moss and lichen to take hold. Rodents can gain easy access to your chimney and other openings. hashtag#homeinspection hashtag#homeinspector hashtag#realestate

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